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The Masters in Arts – ICA | UFC targets the creation of a place for research, experimentation and reflection in arts, in a consistent and coherent manner regarding the complexity of the present social and historical context, seeking the encouragement of reflection on the present changes in our ways of understanding and relating to contemporary art.

Conceptual Premises

The conceptual premises that guide the proposed curriculum of the Masters in Arts – ICA | UFC are related with the proposal of the Culture and Art Institute (ICA) suggesting a transdisciplinary formation, consolidating the arts as a specific field of knowledge in conformity with the Science of the New Millenium, understanding that:

- With the acknowledgement of an increased complexity in the making of contemporary art and in order to generate reflection on the relations between research and art, theory and practice, the university and the world, the study of the arts must be interdisciplinary, seeking a transdisciplinarity in the development of the artist and researcher of the arts;

- Art has its own ways of constituting pertinence to its researches, which relate not only to the contour of other objects of knowledge, but especially to other ways of knowing;

- The political, affective and epistemological force of contemporary artistic creation is consolidated beyond the dichotomies that have traditionally guided the Western artistic, scientific and philosophical thinking. It is therefore proposed a place for research, creation and invention which would start out from a transdisciplinary view of the arts and not from a division into artistic genres, highlighting thus the myriad of contemporary artistic views and theories.

Profile of the professional to be graduated

The graduate in Arts from the PPGARTES at the ICA | UFC has the quality of working effectively and properly in creating, researching, analysing, curating and administrating the arts field, becoming thereafter an artist | researcher or a researcher | artist. By stimulating the student’s creative capacities, it is intended that the graduate would contribute with the formation of circuits from/for the arts, defending them according to their specific ways of producing knowledge.